Croydon Ducks - Garden Foxes

Last Update: 31st May 2009

Photos of garden foxes taken during the past few years.


A tame fox that is a perfect photographic subject, allowing people to get within about five feet of her. This photo was
September 2004 when she was about six months old, she was born under a shed in the next garden and started coming
into my garden in June 2004 for left over food, which continued almost daily for several months.


Pair of cubs from the lair in the next garden.


My tame fox again.


The tame fox seems to live in a sports centre down the road, and is quite happy to walk down the road in the middle of the day,
traffic permitting, or down the pavement. 




The tame fox will wait on my lawn until I notice her and put some scraps out.  She's ignoring the two ducks on pond.  She was not
the fox that stole the eggs from the island. The net in the corner of the pond is to try and stop pigeons eating the fish food.


She will also wait on the patio until she gets fed.


First photos of the fox family born under a shed in the next garden, May 2006.  There were at least three cubs, but never got all
three in the same frame, usually two cubs with mother (not my tame fox).


Inquisitive cub with mother.






Ditto, mother usually just sits quietly watching the cubs play.








Playing in the long grass.




Cub jumping onto mother.


June 2006, still growing.

The cubs found holes under the fence and starting coming into my garden in June 2006, two cubs with mother, not very pleased
that one of my cats is eating the food, taken from the CCTV camera over the island.  The cubs would chase each other down the


The cubs chasing each other around my lawn, mother watching. There is a third cub, but much more timid than these two, and
harder to photograph.

Still growing, these pictures taken in August 2006. The cage behind them is for ground feeding birds, black birds and robins.

The cubs ignore my cats.


This is the same tame fox, now three years old, in October 2006.  Has not even eaten all the food, not really hungry.


And again in February 2007.  She was coming for lunch every single day during the winter until March, not seen her since.  I hope
she looking after her own cubs now. 

Only one of the 2006 cubs seems to still be here, seen early in the morning looking in the empty food dish.


2007 was a quiet year for foxes, no cubs, but occasional visitors.




Young female in early summer 2008, visiting regularly looking for food, possibly with a den in the next garden.


Young fox in July 2008, comes into the garden both during the day and night looking for food.


21st July 2008, young fox, possibly from an early family this year.  This one went through the open side door of the next door house
(off the alley between our houses all the animals use to get from front to back gardens) and had to be shooed out of the garden
door.  The young ducks all get into the water whenever a fox approaches the pond.


Possibly the mother of the young fox.


Early August 2008, another young fox, being watched by Susie the cat.


Spring 2009, an early morning visit, just finished the food put out for the birds.


A poor condition fox drinking from the pond.


Winter 2009, another fox trying to get at a fat ball still in it's net.


Same fox dozing in the next garden.

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