Croydon Ducks - Garden Squirrels and Toads

Latest update: 30th March 2009

This page has photos of squirrels, toads, frogs and tadpoles in the garden.


The squirrel peanut feeder, usually about four to six squirrels feeding daily, but the tame fox has killed a few over the years.




This must have been a juvenile squirrel, the adults should not be able to fit through the age bars. This feeder contains sunflower
for the smaller birds, tits, finches, etc, and needs to be refilled twice a week.


A mating pair of toads, the only time in the year they come out in day light.


More mating toads with strings of spawn, I've counted up to 80 pairs of toads and frogs on a busy night, with up to 250 total
around the pond and lawn.


Mass of frog spawn in March 2009.

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